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    Pain and the Brain                         When the brain is hammered with unpleasant physical and emotional impulses day after day, week after week, it becomes very efficient at processing them.     Subsequently, it takes Read more
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
    Spinal Decompression Therapy Low back pain can be caused by a variety of things. A herniated or bulging disc can cause mechanical stress and trigger inflammation and pain. Sciaticacan occur when the disc presses on Read more
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    Spinal Manipulation Effective in Seniors People often ask, can chiropractic adjustments or manipulation help with arthritis? Researchers who conducted a randomized control trial published in The Spine Journal found that combining Read more
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    Here’s a little anatomy info: Dermatomes are areas of skin that receive sensations from sensory nerves exiting the spinal cord. These sensory nerves enter the nerve root at the spinal cord, Read more
    Many patients have problems with traveling. Aside from the headaches of traffic and airports, they also start to hurt after sitting for long periods, especially in seats that don't "fit" Read more

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr Jill did an amazing job of helping me recover swiftly from a sport related injury last year. She was patient and professional, showing my helpful stretches and exercises to improve my recover that I could do at home."
    Kita Roberts Chadds Ford, PA
  • "Dr. Jill always clearly explains what causes my pain and take the time to effectively treat my issues. She is not the typical 'rack em- crack em' doc. I would recommend her to anyone looking for that doctor who actually takes time to find solutions for your problems.
    Thanks again Dr. Jill!"
    Kathy O'Gorman Catanzaro

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